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[03 Mar 2014|04:42pm]
save me!
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[05 Feb 2008|12:17am]

Character Name: Kyle Reed
Age: 21 years old.
Best remembered for: An attractive athlete who got all the girls (Kate and Brittany to name a few), but underneath it all was gay and hooking up in secret with Scott.
Reason for Abbott stay: Low GPA
Current residence: Northridge, California
Where is he now? Kyle ran away during Thanksgiving break and tried to make it on his own, fearing the outcome of him revealing his homosexuality to his parents. A few odd jobs here and there in countless towns in the United States, he went by the name Scott Reed to maintain some anonymity. Though he denies it, he did have to resort to sexual favors a handful of times to keep himself alive. Kyle found himself in Los Angeles and somehow turned his life around with the kindness of a stranger who helped him get back on his feet. He gained his GED, enrolled in community college and built his way back up. He started Cal State Northridge last Fall semester, trying to find a major that’ll suit him. He still has issues with his sexual preference, not a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance or having more than one homosexual friend, but he doesn’t deny it if someone outright asks him. Still involved in sports, he’s looking to join the soccer team there. Kyle’s parents did disown him as expected, but he is thankful to remain in contact with one of his brothers.
Romantic status Kyle did not date during his travels across the United States but did have sexual encounters with a few men. One day at the airport, he did run into Scott Miller, the Abbott classmate he had a complicated relationship with, and the two shared a night together. However distance and circumstances keep these two apart. The two have decided that once a year the two will meet up to update each other on their lives. As expected the passion and chemistry is rekindled between the two just for that night. Kyle has hopes that things will change in the future. But for now, he remains single by choice.
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Moving On [23 Dec 2005|03:46pm]
I'm running after time and I miss the sunshine...summer days will come happiness will be mine...I'm lost in my words I don't know where I'm going...I do my best I can not to worry about things )
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I Give Up [26 Nov 2005|10:45pm]
[ music | The Crying Game- Culture Club ]

I’m home now and I’m totally faking the smile on my face. Every time my dad asks me about the championships this year, I nod my head and tell him we’re going to get it. Well, that’s not going to happen because I was officially booted from the water polo team. They finally gave me the dismissal after I missed the third week of practice. Coach is worried but I told him not to. Damn these people for caring. Anyway, off the team and I doubt I’ll ever get back on. On the plus side, no more tight binding speedos… dude, those things weren’t always fun to wear.

So I had point in this strikeout…I forget what it dealt with. Probably that I screw guys and I don’t tell anyone. It’s getting to be a broken record…either I deal with it or not. I’ve tried the whole “forget about’s just a phase” crap but I’m not believing that anymore. This is just all so fucking scary. I don’t know where to start or begin. Out of all the teen problems, why do I have to have this one? Can’t I be a cutter or druggie or a dude who steals or something, whatever that’s called? It seems easier to deal with. Fuck life, really…fuck it. I have most of my stuff packed because I doubt I’ll ever come home again. I should enjoy my last night here, soak up all the good times cuz my dad won’t accept me. No one wants a faggot son, not my dad.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the sun, the sand and a lotta food. Oh wait, that’s me, haha. Don’t be jealous now. My mom’s a big ole vegetarian but the boys in the house overpowered her and got us not one, but two turkeys. Sure, they’re kind of dry but it’s all satisfying when it gets in the belly. At least I won’t have to work out religiously to get it all off. Yeah, not sure if you heard or not but I’m no longer on the water polo team…blame it on my grades. I just couldn’t maintain a hardcore, doesn’t it? Speaking of grades/tutoring (they kinda relate) I got a call from Kate who told me she’s enjoying France right now and might even stay there. Sounds like crazy talk to me, but you never know. Damn, the French are winning and we might lose a girl to them. Oh and hey Tyler, you better be chowing down on the turkey and gain some weight. Haha, for Christmas, I’ll give you some kalten bars. I swear they don’t taste like cardboard.

Aight, it’s time for me to go take a shower find Ian and relieve some tension. Later kids, see you tomorrow (my mom is forcing me to come back cuz we doesn’t want to do any more laundry). Tomorrow’s when I come back to Abbott Academy. What’s tomorrow? How the hell am I supposed to know?

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Don't Explain Yourself [16 Nov 2005|11:40pm]
[ music | Teenage Suicide- Unwritten Law ]

Dude, just breathe...just breathe. Lie to yourself and make yourself think it’s all getting better. You’re good at holding your breath underneath the water so this shouldn’t be so hard.

Things are getting intense around these parts, hella intense. I don’t know how to deal with it; maybe I’ll go to a counselor or something. I figure, most dudes and dudettes are dealing with it too? It’s common these days, I just gotta tell myself that. It’s okay to get help. I mean, how many of us know what we’re doing for college? I’m a freakin’ senior and my mind is blanking out. I came into Abbott with a water polo scholarship to UCLA under my belt but I’m not sure how that’s going because I don’t go to practice anymore. Why would I? They’re all talking about me…paranoia’s getting the best of me of my grades cuz let’s face the facts, not even tutoring is helping me. I’m not blaming Kate, I swear to the surf gods! That girl is a doll but my skull is hella thick and nothing absorbs. Good effort though, babe. It’s just too weird meeting up with Kate, ever since I sort of told her. I just had to tell her, it felt wrong lying to her. I mean, I got lucky with Brittany leaving and her never having to find out about what happened with Scott and I… I don’t know. I couldn’t lie to Kate anymore. She’s too sweet of a girl and I didn’t want to lead her on.

Since we’re on the awesome strikeout feature, let’s get all this other shit out. My new place to hang out? The laundry room. Lame, but it’s small and no one ever comes in there but Scott. We just talk and chill, it’s nice. I guess I have I’ll take what I can get these days since I’m losing just about everyone. The laundry room is better off than my own room. When Tyler comes back, I just leave and make up an excuse. I’m really afraid of him knowing and wanting to move out. I come back expecting him to have the stuff moved out. I still don’t know if Jodi told him or not, but I’m thinking the worse at this point. Like how it's all going to be hell soon.
So yeah, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll focus more on soccer when it’s in season. Hopefully that’ll help me get a scholarship from a scout or something.

Dude, I am so amped about Thanksgiving coming up. I get to go home to the sunshine and beaches of San Diego and soak up the sun. Soak up the sun, the sea water and let’s not forget the hot babes in bikinis (even though it’s nearing winter, Cali weather still lets them wear skimpy stuff). It’s going to be an awesome four days off (five or six depending if I “accidentally” miss my flight) with just kickin’ back with some old friends and good food at my Aunt Kirsten’s. My sister is forcing us to get tofurkey as an alternative but that shit is nasty. No one but her is going to chow down on it. Speaking of food, I got a wicked craving for some burritos. I might just go to the vending machine and get one now. Burritos have beans and that’s a source of proteins, which means it’s a part of my regimen! Later, everyone.

Just breathe and maybe you’ll drown in the water.

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Sleepless Night [06 Nov 2005|03:45am]
Dude, I can't sleep...I keep thinking, what if I really am....? What if everything I've been afraid of, is really me? Am I scared to be myself? Who I really am? I don't even know anymore. When I kiss him, I don't know what to feel, or how to feel. I just know that I want to kiss him, it's this unexplainable attraction. It's wrong, it's not right but I do it. Why am I doing this then? I feel like I don't know myself, goddamnit. All these changes, I don't like them. I just want the simple life back.

I could wish to be in California, but that's where it all started. It all started at his house and it never stopped from that point on. Gah, I'm not going to write about it. I don't even know why I brought it up. Luckily this is all in strikeouts so no one will ever know. Can I be too sure about that? Gossip and rumors everywhere about me, they won't stop. People like attacking someone else so that they themselves won't get talked about. How observant of me, the dumb jock right? I always wanted more to myself, another layer or facet but I guess this is ironic or something. I got what I didn't want.

Enough talk, let's try this thing called sleep.
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Say a Prayer [31 Oct 2005|06:54pm]
[ music | No Doubt- Don't Speak ]

Dudes and dudettes, you guys are all wondering about what’s been said in the tabloids. I know rumors are big in high school, they’re unavoidable and all, but duuuuuude, let’s just avoid all that shit. And yeah, the rumor about me is true….I do sleep with my soccer ball. Hahaha, I have no idea where these people are getting their gossip sources from. Whatever, keep writing what you want.

Fuck them, fuck them all. I don’t know where to begin with how shitty my life is right now. Coach approached me about the rumors, said that a few guys on the team felt uncomfortable around me now. Great, is this my life? Pegged as the gay kid? I’m not even—it’s not even important. Did Jodi spill the beans? I don’t know how big her mouth is, or who she would tell. She’s pretty close to the male athletes…I dunno. Was it Scott? He’s a nice guy and promised me he wouldn’t tell anyone, but then again, who fucking knows. I don’t trust anyone these days. Way to make me paranoid, people. Back in San Diego, it wasn’t this shitty. Everything was chill and shabby. I want to go back home, none of this happened there. I was more careful back then. I guess this is how the outcasts of high school feel. I never wanted to be here, not there quite yet but I just know I’ll end up here. I barely see Kate anymore, aside from tutoring and that lame Halloween party. For one, I’m not doing well in my classes, worrying about everything so the tutoring sessions are lame. Kate’s probably going to believe the rumors and I’ll lose her too. What do I do now, huh? Who do I go to? Not my room, Tyler’s there. I can’t even feel comfortable in my own room.

The Halloween bash was pretty tight, with the exception of that sprinklers fiasco. I made sure my girl Kate was protected from the downpour of the water. I heard it’s like toilet water or something like that. We bailed and went to some Italian eatery, real nice and upper-class. I’m not used to those formal sit-down places. I like my burgers, fries, steak and potatoes with a hot waitress with a nice rack. Anyways, some trick-or-treaters came by and Kate and I gave them some of the dinner mints they have out. Candy, it’ll fuel ya. Even Tyler agrees with me on this day since I’m letting him bring sweets in the dorm room instead of the usual protein stuff. It’s time to chow down!

How can I make everyone believe I’m straight? There’s got to be a way…think think think…

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[21 Oct 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

I’ve been real stressed out lately. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I fucking screwed up. Goddamnit. FUCK!

Tyler’s girlfriend Jodi walked in on Scott and I…we were in a compromising position. Shit, I tried to explain but she knew what was happening. Now I’m fucking paranoid and scared, looking around me as if they know. I mean, I told her not to tell anyone but I don’t know if I trust her. She has friends, she’s going to tell one and that one is going to tell another and I’m going to show up in the tabloid again. Fuck, I’m already there but now this is going to confirm everything everyone says. Kate, what’s she going to say? Goddamnit, how could I be so stupid? Why did I let myself hookup with Scott? Everyone’s going to find out; everything is going to be shit for me. I’m just freaking out now and I don’t know what to do.
Damn coach is riding us hard since we lost the last waterpolo game. Oh well, we’ll do better.

Gotta go see Kate now. She might need a date to the school play.

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Whoa [11 Oct 2005|03:05pm]
[ mood | doing good ]

Both of my closest buddies Adam and Matt left Abbott Academy and I am seriously bummed. Dude, I can no longer look at the gym the same way anymore without thinking about those guys. Oh well, I hope they’re doing good in the dirty South, or wherever they’re from.

They left right about the same time as my parents did. I felt suddenly empty when they went away, I don’t know. Suck it up; move on, there will be other people. They never found out…I guess this is my sigh of relief? Ever since they’ve been gone, I don’t know who to chill with. As hard as Tyler and I try to like each others’ hobbies, we’re different people. He’s a cool roommate and friend but we’re in different worlds. Gus has been playing Mr. Daddio to that chick’s son, so there’s another guy. Who am I left to socialize with? I don’t want to hang out with girls; I don’t want to be one of those gay guys with fag hags. 1) I’m not gay and 2) I hate guys like that.

There’s always Scott….that guy just seems to be around and he’s entertaining. Now that the guys are gone, I can hang out with him more. We’re used to lurking around at night and behind closed doors. I don’t know what we’re doing anymore. I’m afraid to sit down and think about it. Maybe I should go see a doctor or something? Church? Yeah, they have those brainwashing programs that I used to think we're bad... Wait, wait what the fuck am I talking about? Desperate times call for desperate measures but this is ludicrous. I just want these thoughts to stop.

In good news, you’re looking at the guy who aced his math test. We should all thank that cute blonde known as Kate. One fine chick with a brain to match, she is. I should ask her out; it just feels like the right thing to do. I’ve been holding it off…don’t know why. Maybe I’m just scared or something. You’ll get your reward soon, lil Southern Belle. I’ll show you how Cali boys treat fine women like you. Aight, it's time to go surfin....damnit, there are no waves here. I guess that leads me to the gym again.

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You're The Breath That Blows These Cool Breezes Around [29 Sep 2005|05:58pm]
[ mood | smelly ]
[ music | No Doubt- In My Head ]

Duuuude, the big game is tonight and I’m damn excited to go. I get to cheer on my buds Adam, Matt and Gus...all the boys on the football team. It’s going to be so awesome because my mom and dad are here and we’re a huge sports family. They came Sunday night and it’s just been cool seeing them Lies. I’ve been hiding from them. They even brought me some essentials (I was running out of detergent and stuff) so that I wouldn’t have to waste my moolah on that crap. Now I get to spend their cash frivolously (Oh snap, SAT word...the tutoring sessions have helped)

I hate my conscience sometimes, how it makes me feel guilty for the way I’ve acted towards Scott. Why the hell do I feel bad? I can’t help the point where I told him I wanted to remain friends. I don't even know if I can uphold that promise. I just hope we don't run into each other while I'm with my friends or anything. Or even my parents, I've avoided that for the last four days, I can do it for another. My mom did notice something different with me when the school president (Scott) welcomed the parents but I told I was just tired. I don't want Scott having that effect on me in public, that uncomfortable feeling. We’re not hooking up anymore so that feeling should stop. I got it out of my system, got Brittany out of my life (which sucks but I won’t get into that) and have a good thing going on. Sure, I’m not in San Diego but at least here I can sort of start new. Kate’s looking really cute lately and I think something can happen between us. I want something to happen.

Alright, it’s time to show picture of my parents. Here’s my mom Katherine with all her blondeness (that’s where I get it from):

Mom )

Here’s my dad looking like a dork. I swear he’s cooler than this…if not, he ain’t my pops:

Dad )

I heard there was a party the other day, a nice getaway from all the parents. I checked it out for a minute but left because I had to go to the gym. Damn, if I continue lying, I’ll have Howard Stern’s nose. Found out the party was at Brittany’s and I knew I couldn’t attend it. I came back to the room to the smell of some fresh brownies; Tyler must be brushing up on his baking skills again. Jodi, you lucked out by getting a boyfriend who likes his sweets. Speaking of sweets, I’m craving horchata juice again. The best kind is only found in San Diego. I wish I could go home with my ‘rents but my grades aren’t looking like they’re going to improve within a day so Abbott, I’m staying. My parents aren’t too sad; they know their son is going to do well, especially if he receives more tutoring from a certain Louisianan/Bostonian chick named Kate Andrews. I should go shower now before I start stinkin’ up this room.
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It's a Long Day [19 Sep 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Death Cab for Cutie- Soul Meets Body (Tyler's music) ]

Now I get labeled a jerk for breaking it off with Brittany. I don’t know, I wish it would have ended better. But how can things end well when its all based on lies? I do miss her...I wish it were different. I wish I could feel things for her. A part of me really cares for her but I guess it’s just not enough. Scott wants me to care about him that way but I won't let myself. It's bad enough I'm screwing him but to love him? It's digging myself a deeper hole. But then he looks me with those eyes and I can't stand to yell at him anymore. I can only run because it's what I do best. I ran away from Brittany when things got complicated, I'll probably do it again.

So Kyle Reed is deemed a jerk. I guess it’s better than a fag.

Same ole, same ole. My parents are coming up next week and it should be horrific. Who really wants their parents here? It’s time for people to hide the hash, booze, Scott and porn magazines. Tyler and I need to do some major cleaning and hide all the…um…?recreational? stuff. I tried to trick my parents by saying it was an error on the letter they received. Parents Week isn’t until November! That stupid secretary just had to call up all the parents. Dude, this school is like money hungry and wanting our dough so they rally up the parents. Well, at least my coaches will say good stuff about me with soccer and waterpolo. As for class, let’s not go there...I’m still totally bummed about that D- in math. Sucks hard, man. My math teacher is so brutal, the chick needs to chill out before she becomes an even bigger dyke.

Adam and I bought Matt a nice SpongeBob bib. We need to take pictures of him someday while drooling in class. And then we can sell it for big bucks because you guys know you want a picture of Matticola with a saliva trail down his shirt. I know Jodi will buy one cuz she’s cool like that. And if she doesn’t, I’ll scare her with Pennywise the Clown aka IT!

I should go talk to Kate now and brush up on my tutoring with that hot chick. I needs all the studyin' I can get!

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All Downhill From Here [09 Sep 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Blink 182- Aliens Exist ]

Dude, math class is killing me. These numbers go in one ear and out the other. Adam, Matt and I keep falling asleep and we gotta elbow each other just to keep our eyes open. (Adam, dude you snore and Matt, you’re the drooler). Anyone who understands this shit, I commend you. Luckily I have Kate to help me out cuz she’s like a genius or something. I love her little southern belle feel, it’s hot.

Brittany and I...well, yeah…we did it. I don’t know, I don’t remember much of it. It just happened and it’s over with it. We haven’t talked since cuz I’m avoiding her? I just can’t look at her, I don’t know why. I don’t want her to think I’m dumping her but that’s what it’s headed… I’m such a fucking jerk, damnit. First to Scott and now to Brittany. I want to go to Scott but I’m stopping myself. I told myself I wouldn’t do it anymore, I wouldn’t allow myself to fall into that temptation. I have to keep my distance before Matt, Adam, heck even Tyler gets suspicious. I yell at that guy but he’s so persistent. I wish he would stop caring because I won’t care back for him…not the way he wants me to. The way I couldn’t care for Brittany. Who do I have now? No one. I have no one.

I’m lookin’ for a new Spanish tutor to help me out with those conjugations. Those are killer and I don’t want to fall victim to them. Crap, I shouldn’t have written that in light of the recent events. Well, they seem to have quieted down? I don’t know, I don’t want to pay too much attention to that. Anyways, if you don’t mind a soccer star saying “Que?? a lot to you, sign up to be Kyle Reed’s personal Spanish tutor. Benefits include hanging out with me for extended periods!

Gotta get to soccer practice now…see you guys on the field!

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Denial is not a river [03 Sep 2005|11:26pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | The Killers- Midnight Show ]

Whoa...these last few days have been mad intense with the cops and detectives combing the campus. I hope everyone’s all safe and shit, y’know not in harm’s way. I’m sorry to anyone who knew the victim and I hope they catch the fucker soon.

Scott was really worried so I came over to his room to calm him down. Somehow the conversation led to Brittany and I and sex. He knows we didn’t do it the night of the dance because I freaked out. Scott’s real adamant about me breaking up with Brittany but I can’t, I can’t do it. People are going to talk and I can’t have that. I have to have sex with her. You can do it, man. C’mon, she’s fucking hot. Look at her, its Brittany Fuller. Any guy at this school would get with her if he had the chance. You have her, take advantage of it.

Why does Scott care? It’s not like we’re anything. He’s just some guy I fuck around with. I don’t like guys, I just do them. I’m not going to fall in love with some fruitcake.

Dude, school is already killing me. I’m taking 11th grade English again which sucks some major ass. Coach says if I don’t pass the class, they’re going to kick me off the waterpolo team. We have our first game in like a week, the same day as our first test. It looks like I gotta make like a nerd and do some hardcore studying or else they won’t let me play. Woodshop is probably my favorite class mostly because my boys Matt and Adam are in there. I heard the project at the end of the year is to make a ceramic elephant or something like that. That new cute girl Kate is in my math class so I’m sure there’ll be some late night study sessions there.

Alright, I should get my ass to Brittany’s room. My girl wants us to watch some lame chickflick, The Notebook or something.

P.S. See Tyler, you should bulk up to fight off any attackers. Stop playing that damn guitar and drink those protein shakes!

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Everybody Wants to Rule the World [29 Aug 2005|08:06pm]
[ mood | chill ]
[ music | Green Day- Holiday ]

Dude, you should never go to waterpolo practice hungover. I learned my lesson the morning of the 27th after that kickass dance. Thank you to all who voted me your Summer Nights King. Awesomeness right there, mad appreciation. Brittany and I hung out with her friends for part of the night and then chilled with my friends, “the jocks?. I love my friends, all of us were like “King? Queen? Pssshhh, whatever. Who wants to win that lame award?? We were all rootin’ for each other and cracked jokes about who was going to win.

Ran into Scott in the lobby. He looked really sad; I guess his date bailed on him and left town or something. I didn’t like seeing him sad so I gave him the signal to meet me in the bathroom. We made out a bit but it wasn’t anything really. I don’t want to lead him on. Going to do my best and just cut this. Got it out of my system, right?

Brittany and I got drunk off our asses in a hotel room She wanted to have sex but I just wasn’t in the mood so I pretended to pass out. I don’t know what happened but I’m sure we had a good time ; ) I woke up late for waterpolo practice and rushed my ass there. Dude, I nearly drowned in the pool but luckily my teammate Hayden helped me out.

Anyone else bummed about school? There’s good news and bad news. Bad news is that I never pulled up my grades so it looks like I’m staying here. Good news? You guys get to keep me here, haha. It’s all good, I love it here. It’s time to go get pwned again by Adam and Matt with football or brew up some shakes for Tyler.

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Two goals down and there's a minute left. [23 Aug 2005|02:31am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Kid Rock- Cowboy ]

I got me a hot date to the dance by the name of Brittany Fuller. She dragged me to some girly stores with her to check out some dresses. Dude, I so fucking bored there. I don’t know how chicks do it but they can spend up to two hours in one single store, trying on every dress and shoe. She finally chose a dress and she looks damn fine in it cuz she’s a Betty. But yeah, I’m pretty stoked about this dance. Back at my own school, crazy shit always happened at dances. Once, someone mentioned the Crips and there was nearly a shootout because I guess someone from the rival gang was there. It was craaaaazy, man.

I talked to some of old buddies today, Mikey, AJ, Jason and Daniel...they all seem to be doing alright. AJ complains about how Coach Kenney is also really tough on the soccer team and says I should come back and yell back like I always did. Damn, I wish I really could. On the upside, I'm sorta pulling up my grades. That D- I received in Trigonometry is now just a D. That’s some improvement, right?

The rumors in the gossip journal really bugged the shit out of me and I ended up in Scott’s room. I wanted to yell at him but I couldn’t. I knew he didn’t say anything. It was probably just some dumb bitch starting it up. But yeah, somehow we started kissing and the next thing I know we were naked and I was on top of him. I didn’t know he was a virgin until he told me right before we did it.

It’s getting bad and I want to stop it. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I can’t help but feel this animal attraction to him, this lust. The first few times I said I was drunk but I was just lying. I hope he isn’t getting attached or anything like that. This is just fun, it’s hooking up. I don’t want him falling in love with me or anything because I’m a fucker and I’ll break his heart. I’m not going to love him like some homo. It’s just sex, we did once and it won’t happen again. I’m not gay.

I gotta go improve mah skillz with this skateboard. Dude, Tyler is like my Yoda or something shibby like that. His girlfriend Jodi is a pretty awesome girl too cuz she's tough and can hang like one of the boys. So after falling off on my ass, I gonna hit the workout room with Adam and Matt.

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No More Teachers! [18 Aug 2005|10:05pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Third Eye Blind- How's It Going to Be ]

I’m all up for this dance since Aria’s party never came together. Dude, I am still so bummed out over that. School dances are usually lame and all but you know chicks dig it, they want to get all dolled up and show off their hot bods in skimpy dresses to everyone. There is one chick I really wanna go to the dance with and I think she knows who she is…Scott wanted to go with me but I said no. I’m not going to out myself at the fucking dance. Stupidest idea in the world.

My time here has been divided into soccer practice, waterpolo practice, the gym with Adam and Matt, making out with Brittany and chillin’ with the boys. This is what I call a kickass summer. Dude, I don’t want this to end cuz I’ll be all sad and that’s never good. The thought of school depresses the shit out of me. I don’t want to do all that work for nothing. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll really use algebra and Shakespeare when I’m older. Well, maybe I’ll Shakespeare to impress people at dinner parties or something. Then again people are those dinner parties are always so fake. I don’t know why my mom takes me to them. I don’t like fake people and I don’t want to become one of them. Damn, I’m thinking too much now and that’s not good. Thinking = bad. It’s so weird how one thought leads to another and you end up somewhere completely opposite from where you began.

Scott wanted to tell his friend Leah about us but I said no. Teenagers suck at keeping secrets and if Leah finds out, her best friend will find out and then it turns into gossip. I don’t want to be remembered for that. That’s not who I am.

I’m going to go hit the pool now, midnight swim or something to relax the nerves. For chicks who dig skinnydipping, you know where I’m at ;)

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A Man's World [13 Aug 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | Eve 6- Here's To The Night ]

Brittany tells me I keep saying “Dude? a lot. I guess it’s just something I really didn't notice. Lol, but hey that girl keeps giggling like some swooned girl after I say it so I’ll continue doing it. Cuz a dude’s gotta do what a dude’s gotta do to keep a girl smiling. Britt, you better giggled your ass off at least three times already.

I made out with Brittany on my bed the other night. Kiss lead to touching and the next thing I know, our clothes are nearly off. I don’t know if I wanted it, it just felt something I had to do. I wanted it to feel good, like it was right. Luckily Tyler knocked on the door and stopped us. Dude, I don’t know what to do. She’s a fucking hot girl, of course you want her, right? All these internal monologues really do drive people crazy. I just won’t think about it. Go with the flow.

Freakin’ waterpolo is a bitch. I hate 5 AM practices, they should be outlawed or something. There’s that gay guy on my team, Hayden. He keeps staring at me. What the fuck is his problem? I’m a guard so they me front and center. This better be worth it. At the end of the day, I want praise, medals and trophies.

Dude, my goal of getting Tyler all cut up with abs failed. After two sessions of weights and situps, he decided he’d rather skateboard and play videogames. Eh, working out ain’t for everyone. At least I still got my dudes Adam and Matt.

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Reality Bites [10 Aug 2005|01:20am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Numb by Linkin Park ]

I miss San Diego summers, man, it's so fucking awesome compared to this shit climate. Not enough girls walk around in bikini tops with flip-flops. Ladies, do me a favor and show me some skin to make it feel like home cuz its killin' me here. I swear that's my only And if there's anything I can do for you, you tell me.

If there's one lady that should be fulfilling the request, it's the damn fine Brittany Fuller. I want to get closer to her. How is it that a hot chick like her has been single for so damn long? Brittany, we need to hang out again. Let's get alcohol involved again, heh.

We made out again today. I don't know what's happening. I don't want it to get serious or for him to think this is some fucking relationship. It's not, its just hooking up cuz I'm horny. Fuck, why do I do this? I thought I could get away from it. You come to Abbott, you try to be someone else but old habits die hard. This is just a phase, just experimentation. I'm probably some overly horny fuck who just gets his jollies where he can. I'm not a fucking faggot, never going to be one. Not going to let the guys cut me up. What the fuck would Adam and Matt say if they found out? They would wail on me and treat me like some fucking leper.

I hit the gym with Adam earlier and we worked out the gluts and biceps. We're on a strict workout regimen that focuses on different muscle group every time we hit the gym. That reminds me I gotta try out that new protein drink at the nutrition store. That shit tastes nasty but protein is key to fitness. With due time, we're going to be all cut up. You should hear some of the things Adam says in the showers, haha. Who was that chick again with the tongue ring, Hunter? I'm still cracking up, dude.

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Chill Out [05 Aug 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Girls by The Beastie Boys ]

So I’ve been doing massive amounts of laundry. Damn, my gym socks and shorts really do stink. It’s almost toxic so I apologize to all the dudes in Ares Hall for the fumes. I'm so used to my mom doing it for me. She's like this freak who enjoys doing laundry as a way to de-stress from her lecturing job.

I can’t believe I did it. Why? Now I get to sit around and worry my ass off that no one will find out. Fuck, no one better find out. I can’t let these people judge me like that and isolate me. I don’t want to be a fucking reject. You’re new to a school; you have to impress people, even if it requires lying. You’re only lying to yourself, Kyle.

I got drunk the other night with one of Abbott's finest, Brittany Fuller. We had such a kick ass time together with the alchie. So wasted, I don't even remember half the things we did except for the part where I went to his room and we made out again. Brittany, damn let's do it again sometime. You and I are meant to be around each other, lol.

I gotta get to waterpolo practice now. Some of the guys on the team seem real cool. One of them, Hayden (I think that's his name) lives on my floor too so that's awesome. I hope I can help bring Abbott to the championships this year.

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Keep Your Cards Up on the Table [31 Jul 2005|02:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Sum 41- Fat Lip ]

Things have been good so far here. I got all my stuff unpacked and my roommate seems kinda cool. His name is Tyler and he’s into skateboarding. I haven’t picked up a board since like junior high, but who knows I might start up again for kicks. I am from SoCali so I should perpetuate the stereotype.

The chicks are like really nice. I sorta met Brittany Fuller who was really flirty, this awesome chick from the OC back in Cali. Aria is the other girl and she’s like this weird combo of a ghetto girl and a rocker chick. How that goes together I’m not so sure, lol. But yeah, keep them comin’! Kyle Reed was meant for social activity and fun. Chicks, dudes, anyone really just come to my room and we’ll hang out or something.

So I heard that the sports are getting setup. Dude, I’m so freakin’ antsy for them to start up but you know that when they do, I will be the most stoked out person here. Gotta keep busy. I hate just doing nothing and sitting around. When I stop, that's when the thoughts come and I don't want to think about that stuff.

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